You’re not an emergency hotline

Remember, you’re not growing an orphanage, you’re growing a business.

Some people want to be orphans. They want you to be their mother and for you to hold their hand. You’re not here for that. All they want is a little bit of love and connection, they don’t actually want to change their business so stop coaching them because they’re never going to take action.

Set up two or three tasks across your week that accounts for 80% of your work. Personally, I do a Facebook live. I do one every Tuesday and I direct people there every time. Doing this retrains people to realise that I’m not available to answer every question they have. You have to value yourself enough to ask ‘is this activity making me money right now?’

If it doesn’t, question what your outcome is. What outcome is answering every single question going to have? If it’s none, then don’t do it. t here...

If you didn’t respond to every message, what’s going to happen? Is there going to be a network marketing emergency?

They will find the answer somewhere else. You don’t always have to be accessible. If you find yourself responding to messages at 11 PM at night, trying to coach people incessantly that just can’t be coached, know that it doesn’t have to be this way. 

This isn’t the freedom lifestyle.This takes a decision and a clear vision. A decision to change the value you place on yourself, today. Employ yourself at the highest level, hold yourself in high regard and become your own best 20-percenter.

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