You only get what you give

My network marketing journey didn't get off to a smooth start.

Obviously, I'd heard the messaging about duplication being the key to success and how much more effectively a company resource would duplicate, but I thought I knew better.

With no experience (and honestly, minimal aptitude), I was convinced that I could create tools that were better than those provided by the company, so I set to work.

The end result was beautiful, and I branded it so that everyone would know I was the clever woman who had created this wonder.

Understanding the basics of leverage, I put my game-changing tool into the hands of my team so they might benefit from it. To my dismay, some selfish person in my downline, immediately shared it crossline.

I was miffed! I'd put time and effort into building something significant to help grow my business, and now people outside my team were going to benefit from my hard work. It wasn't fair!

In the midst of me pouring my time and energy into this great injustice, my sponsor popped up and asked, "what have you actually lost?"

Building a network marketing business is a personal growth course on steroids, and that question presented a turning point for me. When I stepped back and examined it, I'd already done the work, so I lost nothing by helping a few more people.

Since I've stopped hanging on so tight, I've realised that when I put stuff out into the universe without attachment, better stuff tends to find its way back to me, often from a completely random source.

Trust me when I tell you, this is a much more liberating way to live!

P.S. Looking back, I can see that I was busy building tools so I could avoid the actual work of building a business - finding people to talk to and talking to the people I found. I was looking for a short cut to success, but the truth is, there are no shortcuts, there is only doing the work, or avoiding the work.

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