You don’t build a business, you build connection

When I started out, we didn't know how to build a network marketing business, all we knew was that we had to show up.

We didn’t know what to expect, there were doubts and stories circling through our head constantly. We even questioned whether the first event we attended would be worth it - what would the people be like? But we didn’t know, right?

Of course, we had a great experience at our first event and, knowing what it was going to be like for others, we felt it was our responsibility to tell them. But we understood that they were going to experience fears and doubts too - there was bound to be some misconceptions. 

It's so special when somebody puts their hand up and says, "Yes, I'm going. I'm going to go." When this happens, we take one-hundred percent responsibility for making sure that they experience everything the way that we would want to. We were swept off our feet at our first event, so we always want to provide this experience for others too.

We know how important someone’s first event is. It can determine whether somebody aligns with your company or not. It allows them to see whether it’s a good fit for them. 

I remember my first event and how I had conflicted noise going through my head of what other people would say - "Oh, you're not going to one of those things are you?"

But then, I just remember closing my eyes and taking an inventory of how I was feeling viscerally. I said, "I just have to learn to trust my gut. If something feels good, I'm going to continue to do it. And if it feels icky, then that's my clue to set my little internal GPS to say, 'No, wait a minute here,' and question it, question everything."

So when I was showing up, it’s because it just kept feeling right. I didn't understand it, and I didn't know what to expect, but it kept feeling right. So I kept showing up to learn more so that I could understand the feeling and then share that experience with others.

It’s always important to me to try and get other people to experience these feelings for themselves. I never tell them what they’re going to feel.

Often, people come from around the world to attend events. Sometimes, I can’t even get the person who lives next door to me to show up at these events. 

This really set a precedent. If these people are willing to show up in this way, the least we can do is make sure they feel welcome and a part of the community. It’s important that we connect and that we stay connected. This is the part of my business that I love the most.

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