You can’t be who you can’t see

What does being successful in business mean to you?

Is it having a little piece of independence? Is it that extra few hundred dollars a month that will allow you to travel the world? Is it never having to worry about money again? Or is it about being grounded in contribution and making an impact?

There are no wrong answers here. I ask because, unless you know how you determine success, you could be missing a couple of vital tools from your arsenal.

The concept of modelling behaviour to help fast-track learning and growth is not novel. Frequently, you will hear successful business people acknowledge the contribution of this strategy in their journey.

For modelling to work, however, it needs to be specific. If your goal is world domination and you emulate the habits and mindset of someone who is aiming to make weekend play money, you're more likely to set yourself back than propel yourself towards the next milestone.

Likewise, if your goal is not to worry about where your next tank of petrol is coming from, and you emulate a woman aiming to end world poverty, you'll probably miss a shortcut.

But if you want to be a successful business owner, I don't think it's enough to seek out people who have done what you want to do. You also need to find those that are currently in the doing stage and surround yourself with them.

Network marketing can be a lonely business and, without support, it can be challenging to keep your head in the right space.

Start by finding one person who you can call for advice and use as a sounding board. Aim for someone who is at the same stage in their business, who shares a common goal and is familiar with the challenges you face.

And while you're doing that, keep modelling the behaviours of those who have mastered the skills you're building. You'll need to apply both of these strategies to stay focussed, and stretch.

You can't be who you can't see.

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