The other 'F Word' is a pet hate of mine. So often, when people ask "How's it going? How are you doing?" women (in particular) say, "Fine, good." Since when did 'fine' become our aspiration? That's not what our life dream was when we laid around in our childhoods, and were like, "Oh, I hope I get to be fine when I grow up."

Somewhere along the way, we had kids, dogs, and businesses. And now we're just busy. Busy has become a badge of honour. And, with it, I'm noticing that if you say you're busy, well then, that's awesome. But is it?

Because busy also means we're exhausted.

And that's why it's time for busy to stop being a badge of honour. Instead, when people ask, "How are you doing?", why not say ...

"I feel alive" OR "I feel vibrant" OR "I feel exhilarated" OR "I feel energetic" OR "I feel happy!"

Those are way better badges than busy.
The Alive List came from the idea of an antidote to being 'fine'. I encourage everyone I talk to, to make an Alive List. The Alive List is a twist on the bucket list - it takes the bucket list to another level.

There are two components to the Alive List.

On a piece of paper, create two columns. In the first column, write down everything that makes you feel alive that you can do each day. These aren't the big things that take time and planning - they're things like going for a walk, sitting on a yoga mat or getting out in the garden. Whatever that is for you. Every one of us has things that make us feel fantastic and fill us with joy. Maybe it's dinner with your favourite people, playing with your dog or quietly reading a book. Put all of these things in the left-hand column on your sheet.

In the right-hand column, is your Dream Alive List. These are your traditional bucket list items. You've been dreaming about them, vision-boarding them and, in some cases, even planning them for a long time. Your Dream Alive List takes time and/or money that you may not have right now. No matter how big your dream, put it on the list.

Once you have made your list, circle one item from each side that you're going to commit to doing. Do daily action every day for the next week. Put your chosen dream onto the calendar in big, bold colours and give yourself the gift of ticking it off the list this year. You are worthy of your dreams, and you deserve to feel a damn sight better than 'fine'.

Come with us ...

The RNM Team

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