Why DISTRACTION is a skill you need to avoid

Distractions, they're always going to be there, and they're never going away … ever. And so often we can get very distracted because in a network marketing business it takes a lot of self discipline.

It takes commitment. It takes dedication, and it does take focus …

Because we are generally building this in pockets of time, it's so easy to put the distractions as our priority. When really the distractions are not what's moving us forward to where we want to go with our goals.

Distractions are never going to go away. They're always going to be there, and there's always going to be something that is going to pop up and going to try and block you from moving forward on your greater mission. Always.

It's never ever going to change.

There will never be a perfect time.

What does this mean? Well, it's about planning for those distractions coming up, so that when they come up, you’re being so disciplined. But also so aware when they're there and how to get focus around those distractions, on managing when they come up, and how you really do work through it.

Because every time that you're not … every minute you're not spending on your business … means that you're not moving towards your goals.

Moving towards your goals means moving towards a future that is beyond your imagination of what you can have and what you can achieve.

Yet, it's the distractions that can actually be our greatest blocker.

So, it's really important to manage yourself around those distractions. Be aware when they do come up, and how to 

work through them, and to know that there won't be a perfect time.

Distractions can be easily disguised, especially in the things that we care about the most. When we talk about our family, we talk about our friends, social media. That's the biggest distraction for a lot of us. It's being aware of those things that are coming up that are not moving you towards your goal, and every second that you're spending on those distractions is actually holding you back, if not taking you a step back from where it is that you're starting to achieve.

So just be aware when you are doing your reflections at the end of every day of what did come up for you. Knowing where those distractions were disguised. How much time did you spend on those distractions that took you away?

Summary: Stay focused on where you're going. You know, the distractions are going to come up. It's being aware of them. It's knowing when they're there. It's knowing how much time to spend on them.

It's also about knowing how much time your business deserves for you to spend in it, and for your greater mission to be able to achieve that.

So, value that and know at the end of every day that you achieved exactly what you set out to do because it's so worth it.

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