Where’s your cheer squad for success?

I’ve always been surrounded by people from different backgrounds and now I have friends that are super successful. To me, success doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with money; these people are happy. They’re contributing to the world and they’re living a life of alignment. When I’m around these people, they cheer me on as they want to celebrate my success.

To contrast this, people who have a lack mindset and aren’t living a life of alignment, aren’t necessarily going to be happy or wanting to cheer you on in life.

I had a fear of success, and associated hard work and pain with being successful. To work through this, I got a notebook and wrote down everything that was holding me back in life. I encourage you to do the same because it can be helpful looking back on all the limiting beliefs that were holding you back. If you can get really clear on what your definition of success is, you can also manage your own expectations of yourself.

Don’t play small because of other people’s smallness. Find a way that doesn’t allow you to become triggered or to self sabotage, and dance with the fear of failing. Run head-on, become bolder and love people along the way.

I encourage you to ask people for feedback. Ask a different variety of people how you can be a better leader, a better friend, a better team player. Don’t get upset or defensive, take it on board and then be the best possible version of you. 

The best tip I have is to find an accountability or ‘battle buddy’. Find someone who you connect with that has a similar mission and that will call you out but also cheer you on at the same time. 

Strive for success and surround yourself with people who bring out the best version of you.


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