Over the last seven years, I've had a lot of people try to recruit me to other companies to no avail. I am unrecruitable.

I am unrecruitable not just because I believe in my company's compensation plan (our network marketing business funds our entire life), but because I am in love with our products.

This often surprises people because I'm aligned with a multi-billion dollar health and wellness company that has weight-loss as an aspect to it, and I was a size 8 coming into my company.

Weight-loss is not my story. My journey has been about radiance, energy, and vitality, from day one, and this comes through in everything I post.

What is your product story? How are you showing up on the front end as the pillar of possibility in your network?

If you want to have influence, what you do on a micro-level every day is going to have more impact than the occasional grand gesture.

The women who follow me know I am committed and consistent when it comes to my health and that our company products are at the core of that. When they are ready to make a health change, they trust me to guide them.

If I could give you one piece of advice to improve recruitment and retention in your business, it would be this... fall in love with what you are selling and be a product of the product.

I genuinely believe NOW is the time to thrive in network marketing, no matter which company you're aligned with, and there's no better way to start than my becoming a raving fan and rampant consumer of the products you're marketing.

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