Want better results? Become more relevant.

You’re a professional, right? You know “stuff”, pride yourself on your expertise and for your ability to contribute valuable opinions and insights. You’re in the business of contributing your expertise to make a difference in the lives of your customers. So why aren’t your results reflecting the difference you make?

In a word – relevance!

Excluding celebrity status, the path to results is through:

  1. solving or removing a pain
  2. being different and presenting a different value proposition
  3. leveraging prior achievement and the associated recognisable symbols
  4. making life easier
  5. creating an emotional or meaningful experience

Our results reflect the relevance of what we offer and the end value this contributes to our customers.

Yet it’s more than this, our challenge is communicating this to people who value the difference we make and like what we stand for and how we approach what we do.

The more effectively we communicate to deliver results for, and build relationships with, people who care, the more our results reflect our true value potential.

The role of marketing is to communicate with people who might care. Whether that’s attending networking events, speaking to groups, advertising via social media or traditional channels or publishing content on relevant platforms such as Linked-In!

The one thing to get clear on before broadcasting our expertise to people who might be interested is to invest in some reflection time about what we do and how that makes a difference. Take this for a spin: “If my expertise is not [insert job title] what’s the value that I contribute”? Because the thing we “do” is how we define ourselves, but not how we add value.

There are many ways we add value, but at the core there's a connecting theme.

Wanna play? In one word, what’s the value you contribute?

Kerryn Gamble
About the author

An expert in transforming ambitious women into compelling communicators. A speaker, author, and consultant to organisations and women’s leadership programs, her vision is a world where women communicate with conviction and rise to their purpose, power and prosperity through leadership and growth. kerryngamble.com

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