Urgency of action versus limiting beliefs

Are there limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being where you want to be? Who do you need to become to achieve what it is that you want to achieve? Realise that, right now, you have an incredible answer and solution to these questions - for yourself and for others.

I’m referring to a solution involving money. Were you expecting to hear that? Maybe not. But this is where we can truly make an impact in this world.

In network marketing, we’ve all got a solution-based product, which is amazing. Because solutions entice customers.

But we also have an incredible, scale-able, monetary opportunity which, I believe, is what can help people the most. I think we have a moral obligation to share this opportunity with people. Often, it’s our own limiting beliefs that stop us from doing so.

Right now, could your limiting beliefs be holding you back from helping people who genuinely need your help?

Gain an understanding of what your limiting beliefs are - and who you really, truly need to be from now on - because identifying and changing those limiting beliefs is going to be the difference between where you are now, and where you want to be.

Your desire to uphold your moral obligation of helping those around you, needs to be greater than your limiting beliefs. To be honest, this is the difference between the people who have success and the people who haven’t achieved the success they want in their business.

The other difference between those who succeed in their business, and those who do not, is the sense of urgency they feel around their daily personal and business tasks. It’s not a frantic energetic approach but a sense of urgency to dedicate time and effort to your business and to yourself, when you have it. 

It’s the urgency you place on achieving success in your business while the kids are off at school, and not letting the distractions of life get in the way.

When I’m operating in a space of immediate action that has a sense of urgency around it, I have an awareness of my limiting beliefs but they don’t hold me back. 

The deep sense of urgency and obligation I feel to help other people, means I don’t have time to think about what’s holding me back. All I’m thinking about is the people out there who truly need what it is that I have to offer.

After reading this email and watching this video, what is the massive and immediate action that you will take, right now? Maybe it’s reaching out to someone who’s been on the top of your list for a while now.

That in itself, is massive action.


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