Update your To-Don’t list!

In my opinion, there’s only ever two reasons that we don’t take action in life.Reason number one - perhaps the items on your list are things that you don’t care enough about. Sometimes we add goals or items to our list out of obligation, because we feel as if we should, even though it’s not something we truly desire.Get honest and determine whether you created a goal because it sounded great and similar to other people’s aspirations, or whether it’s something you want to achieve.

An effective way to focus on this is to create time for play, and time for work, When it’s work time, look closely at your goals and ask “Are these my ultimate goals?”. If it’s a no, then take them off your list - because in reality, they’re most likely causing you to be too hard on yourself.

If you don’t care about a set of goals, take them off your list of priorities.

Now here’s the second reason, if you do care about the goals on your list, the issue is that you’re not in the habit of taking action on them. The only way to fix this is to be aware of your habits and schedule your time for work and play more effectively. Use your scheduled work time to sit down and take a good look at your list; here is where the word ‘joy’ is important.

Have a really good think of all the ways in which you experience joy in your life. The joyful interactions, friendships and a joyful business; this is the one that brings abundance into your life! Otherwise, it should be referred to as a joyful hobby. If your business doesn’t pay your bills, where’s the joy in that? I’d refer to this as a joyful volunteer.

If you’re serious about having a joyful business, then you have to be serious about creating habits that get the business where it needs to be. It’s really that simple. You just have to commit to the work and realize, there is no shortcut - just commit. 

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