Those comfortable old slippers are starting to smell

Have you heard of Status Quo Bias (SQB)? It’s something we ALL suffer from – and this Reality Check will help you identify where it is showing up and getting in your way.

Status Quo Bias is our addiction to keeping things the same and comfortable, essentially because we love to avoid the ‘perceived’ pain of change. The truth is, our brains are wired to keep our bodies “safe”.

But you see, there are actually two kinds of pain, and unless we bring them both to our conscious awareness, then we can’t decide which one to choose.

I know, I know… I hear you… “You mean we have to choose pain either way? There’s no getting around it? No avoiding it? No skipping it altogether?’

Hmmm no. The only way is through. Let me explain more.

Pain A = the pain of now (or staying the same).

What is the real pain in your life right now?

Is it sending your kids to a school that is less than you desire or not being able to help your parents in the way you want to? Is it fighting with your partner about money?

Is it not being able to afford healthy food for your family? Is it procrastination and waiting around for motivation? Is it an addiction you have?

Are you happy with things as they are? Are you happy with where your current life is headed?

Are you ready to dig deep and be honest? What's really not okay?

Then there’s Pain B. Pain B = the “anticipated” pain of change or transition.

This is the pain we imagine may occur if we have to give up donuts and drink healthy smoothies instead. If we have to go and talk to that stranger, or do that FB live. If we have to read books about improving our financial situation instead of watching netflix. If we buy that program and it doesn’t work.

It’s nearly almost always easier to stay where we are. That’s the huge PULL of pain A. That’s our Status Quo Bias.

So which pain is worse? Is trying something new, and doing the work,  really worse than the risk of a poverty stricken retirement or lack of freedom to choose the best school for your kids?

Get ready, buckle up, and join us for a ride to suck up that transitional pain and reach your brightest future.

We’re so excited for you!

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