This is why we call it network marketing

Are you allergic to sales like Lari was? Listen, watch, read and learn from this week’s Reality Check …

It’s really important to build your marketing and sales skills … being in the field and in network marketing.

When I began, I mean, I was fortunate enough that I had studied communications and had some skills, but they were limited in practice. And, so, I've really had to build on that.

In fact, I think I had an allergy to sales!

So, I went to work to improve my skills and I asked people who were successful at marketing and sales what they did, and they recommended certain books and courses and programs … and I went to work on those courses and books and programs – the likes of Bob Berg.

And I learned that sales is all about adding value, and then I put it into practice because it wasn't enough just to read and learn about it.

I had to practice it and I had to have an experienced observer watch me practice it as well, so they could give me feedback and I could improve on that. I'm still improving.

Even after four and a half years, I'll still ask for opinions on different conversations that I've had, from an experienced observer's perspective. And I ask my team to do the same thing as well because it's really important that you're honing in on your marketing and sales experience.

So in the beginning, it's all about taking action and failing forward, but mindfully. So you want to do things that are in integrity – obviously, we're steering clear of anything unethical as well.

It's REALLY important that you go to work on those skills and you continue to hone those skills. As you do that, you'll improve your business and you'll see successes in your business. Sometimes it's going to look messy, especially in the beginning.

Learn from each mistake and, sometimes, you'll possibly make the same mistake over and over and over again … until you can't handle it any more — and then you'll nail it. That's how you get better at this business.

It’s going to take time and effort and energy, and it's going to take you out of your comfort zone as well. So be prepared for that because in the field, that's what we need to do.

It's all about sales and marketing!

And as much as many people say, “I don't like sales,” you still have to be good at sales in this arena. Or, you have to be prepared to learn how to improve your skills in sales.

So, to sum up: if you don't like sales, go to work to reframe that in your own mind, and work on your skills and hone your skills. Ask somebody who's experienced in sales to look at what you're doing and give you feedback.

Then go to work to try that out.

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