This is the way to get everyone to win

I came from a corporate career.

I was climbing this ladder to success and, in the corporate arena, there is this idea that getting that title, that role, or that job … means stepping on (or over) someone else.

And there was this other idea, that my managers somehow didn’t want me to succeed because I might go higher than them!

This really crushed my soul.

It’s actually the reason I was always looking for something else. I didn't know what ...

And, then, queue network marketing!

I joined THIS profession and found abundance mentality and abundance of support. Women throwing themselves at me (and others) to help. Wanting to raise people up.

I had no idea it could be this way. Feel this way.

I'd never even heard of network marketing when I started out. When I got in, I was just failing forward and moving as quickly as I could. The greatest thing is, I was never afraid to ask for help. And THAT accelerated my success.

I didn't know everything, I still don't know everything, and I'm never going to know everything ... But what I do know is that asking for help, and reaching out, and seeing other women do amazing things - even women in other network marketing companies - is something that’s celebrated.

We're friends, right?

So, don't be scared, have that abundant mindset of finding people in your own company and friends in other companies. They might put a beautiful graphic up, or put an amazing campaign up, and go to them and say, "Hey, that was amazing. I love what you did there. How did it go for you?"

My experience is that they’ll lift you up. I’ve been given great advice, and duplicate-able processes. And even a heads up on what hasn’t worked and why. This is how we support each other. This is GOLD.

And it is so different to my experience in other professions!

What clicked for me - the alignment in network marketing - was really understanding that the only way to have success is to help other people have success.

And this is everything. This is humanity. THIS is the power of our profession.

So recognise that you're in business for yourself but not by yourself. And there are so many women out there who want to reach out and help you. And this is what you pay forward to your team, and all teams.

Because you better believe it. If one succeeds, we all succeed.

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