Thinking about jumping ship? Use this framework first …

I’d like to speak to what makes a good network marketing company and how to identify whether your company ticks that box. I encourage you to use this framework, not so that you can go out and tell people how much better your company is compared to others, or so that you can speak badly toward other companies ... I encourage you to use this approach because if you can’t see the value in what you have, how can you expect to convey that to someone else?

There are a lot of competing priorities for people's time and attention. So unless you can succinctly explain the benefits of what you have to offer, how can someone make a judgment about whether that is a good use of their time and energy?

Learning this framework is about helping the people that you bring into your business by acknowledging that there are a lot of other network marketing companies out there.

Help them understand what makes this business a good fit for them. Because once they understand this, it’s probably going to be one of the things that makes this business a good fit for their friends or their family members.

It's been nearly seven years now since I first joined a network marketing company, with no existing experience with network marketing whatsoever. And over that time, I’ve seen companies come and go. Often, they're the flavor of the month for some time. And then they disappear.

Now, not every company disappears. I’ve been through periods where I’ve seen people leave to go to other companies. I know of only three people who’ve had more success by moving companies, than by staying where they are. It’s important to remember that I only really know about the company that I’m in, right?

There was one lady who approached me for the business opportunity. I was super excited because she’s a great person who held aligned interests and values. She’s interested in health and fitness and yoga, it sounds like she’s a great match for me, right? But she tried my product, and she hated it. She admitted to me, “I cannot, with integrity, sell this product. I want to find a business that will work for me in terms of the product and the business model.” 

And I said, "You know what? Perfect. Here are some people I know in other companies, that might be what you're looking for." And she moved on to another company where she did really well. There is another person I can think of, who used to be with my company, and has since tried three or four other companies. She does really well when they first open and makes good money, but she's doing it in a way that has no integrity. She's raiding other people's down-lines. She's that person on social media that makes you cringe.

I believe that if you want to make a lot of money whilst having no integrity, there are easier ways to do it than building a network marketing company. 

So if you’re thinking about changing companies, just bear in mind that the odds are probably not in your favor that you're going to do better somewhere else than where you currently are. Especially because you're partway through that learning curve, already. It’s worth thinking about.

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