Communication skills are really key. When people know, like and trust you then they're likely to have a decent conversation with you.

Being vulnerable and open with people is the building block to better relationships, and we are in the business of relationships!

But does speaking up to someone, or calling a spade a spade make you nervous?

If there's something in the space between you, it’s getting in the way of a good relationship and it’s time to work on practising those communication skills.

Sometimes things don’t come out the right way … or we’ve said something that’s not the complete truth.

Are you brave enough to dive in, face up and truly build the relationship?

What you need to know is that it's okay to go back to that person and say, “You know what, I let you down because I didn't express myself the right way. I'm not comfortable with you thinking this … but I am comfortable if you understand the whole situation. Will you hear me out?”

This is real. This is vulnerable. This is building quality relationships.

So be brave and just ask. Go back to them and approach it from different angles.

Working on these skills, and being okay with failing at it at first, is key. Just be sure you're carefully looking after the person as you go.

The truth will set you free!


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