In this week’s reality check we dive into why it's important not to take credit for all of our success.

Success is always a team effort.

The thing I love about network marketing is that it takes a village to build a team, to build a culture. It's never just one person, and it's never just a series of one person successes.

The greatest thing about this profession is the only way that we get to advance, that we get to become our own story and write our own success, is by pouring belief into others.

We pour belief into others by focusing on what other people really want, and really digging in, rolling up our sleeves, and helping them create their own version of success.

The best advantage in network marketing — for you to really embrace and understand — is that the success of others necessarily brings out your own success.

As an example, the leaders that I respected the most growing up in this business were quiet, they were humble. They were elegant, they were graceful. And they always, always were raising up others in their team. They were.

These leaders would definitely be honouring their own success, and there was a really, really authentic humility in how they held themselves in their posture.

So, that's how I wanted to be. But it wasn’t straight-up easy.

It meant shedding ego, shedding anything about this being about me, and always really referring to the many parts of our team success, and our culture, our tribe. It incorporates head office, it incorporates corporate. And it also incorporates so many people who have gone before you to lay the groundwork, to make it so much easier for you to find your way on your own path for success.

I really love that our success in this business is a true reflection of how many other people that we're able to impact …

So our cheque, our rank advance, our promotion — the many ways that we measure success in this business — is always directly related to how many others that we're bringing up with us on the journey.

This is ultimately about leaders raising up leaders raising up leaders. So, when you have a team of many thousands, that is the entire leadership. That's the village. That's everyone putting their own step forward in their own courage, in their own vision.

It's always a team effort!

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