One of the most common questions I get asked is around how I spend my day. Each task that I do in my business is based around fundamentals, but it all comes back to connecting. 

By connecting, I mean offering my product or service - an opportunity or a solution, whichever way you want to put it. I lead by offering a product. Some of you might lead with the financial opportunity. Whatever you choose will work, as long as you have the right tactics in place. Once I’ve made an offer, I make sure I always follow through on my connections and shift my focus to the next company event. I’m always taking action, making sure I can get as many people as possible to my next event so that they can see what it is I have on offer. 

To offer an example, when my children are home with me, I find it difficult to be on the phone and leaving voice messages (in an attempt to connect) because no one wants to hear two toddlers in the background. And as soon as my attention is not on my children, they just start screaming at me. It’s not a productive situation.

This is where planning is so critical in your business, especially if you work or have children, or even other demanding commitments ... it’s important to know what you’re doing every day.

So on those days, my tactic as to how I’m going to connect with people, offering my service, following up with connections and inviting them to events, is going to change from what it may look like on a day I don’t have the kids. It’s my tactic that changes but I’m still connecting no matter what, and following my four fundamentals. I figure out a way to complete my work in the pockets of my time such as sending a few messages or booking in some calls for other days of the week. 

I make sure I don’t try and call customers when the time isn’t right because they deserve my full attention and presence. It’s better to ask them if I can call them later that night when I don’t have the kids screaming at me. 

I always stop and ask ‘what is my can-do?’. I think about what I can-do, rather than deciding that I can’t-do phone calls all day, and therefore no work gets done. Stop focusing on the can’t-do and work out the little pockets of time for the can-do.

Be realistic and get to work. 
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