Hands up if you’ve ever felt gross within your own body and wanted to lose weight? Your answer to this question may cause tension in your body, and this should be referred to as negative tension. 

I had a great coach who once told me that I can be an extremely positive person, but I can also be very negative. 

This annoyed me and I asked many of my peers how I came across to them.. I began to insist that I was a positive person but then I had a look at the tension I was holding. If you’re focused on feeling gross and other negative thoughts, it’s so easy to get sucked into a spiral. 

There are only two ways that tension can go ..

...it either goes inwards to attract the negative, or the positive. 

You can say all the affirmations in the world and have vision boards in your room but if you’re actually only focused on a problem, this is when you’ll enter a negative spiral. 

For example, it’s all very well to create a vision board but if you’re only focused on the fact that you don’t have enough money to do all those things on the vision board, you’re going to attract more negativity rather than positivity and abundance. This is actually a matter of being aware that the negative, subconscious thoughts that you have, actually have an impact on your life. 

Rather than focusing on why you don’t have something in your life, reassure yourself that you’re trying your best to work it out. Trust and focus your energy on what you truly desire and what you are choosing to create.

Try it and see what happens!

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