Are you ready for this? This Reality Check may go against everything you think…

You can’t be a boss to the people in your downline! That's an employer mentality, and the problem is, you aren’t their employer. In fact, everyone on your team in network marketing is actually a “volunteer” and your job is to make them WANT to show up.  

OK…. sooooooo… How on earth do you make people WANT to show up?

Well that, my friend, is all about how YOU show up.

Carefully choosing your language when speaking to your people is crucial to help them feel acknowledged, to give them belief they can do it and that they have everything necessary within them.

‘Lead by example’. It’s so cliche.  Watch this video where Linda explains ‘how to’ really lead. Hint: It involves some detective work on your part. I know. Who would have thunk that right?

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