Most women I know who are building a network marketing business have incorporated a social media strategy as one of their lead sources.

In a world where technology is becoming an integral part of the way we live, if you aren't taking advantage of this medium, you are leaving money on the table.

One of the most common reasons women give me for not having a social media strategy is that they don't know what to say.

Is this your experience?

If so, how would it feel if you sat down to plan out your social media and you didn't have to ask yourself "what the hell am I going to post today"?

Most of the time, if you don't know what to say, it's because you don't know who your ideal customer (or avatar) is, or you're afraid to own it. The most common reasons I see for this are rooted in fear.

If you're struggling to find customers already, won't speaking to fewer people reduce your chances of finding new buyers even further? What if you put someone off or, worse, offend them with your post?

Committing yourself to a market niche is your first step in moving through your fear.

One of the commonly held tenets of marketing is that when you try to talk to everyone you speak to no-one. The key to a powerful marketing message is niching.

When you are crystal clear on your avatar, you understand her desires and frustrations, both spoken and unspoken. You know how to talk to her because you know what she wants to hear. Everything you post will be directed at her and her alone.

Because you are speaking your avatar's language and her mind, she will feel seen and heard, and that rapport will build the trust that is more likely to lead to a sale. You are unlikely to offend someone when you are voicing her hopes and fears with sincerity and compassion.

If you're sold on marketing to a niche but not sure where to start, look in the mirror. It'll be simplest to understand and connect with someone like you!

P.S. If you wouldn't want to enroll you, start by becoming a person you would want to sponsor.

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