Small steps lead to big achievements

Have you ever set a big goal and felt completely inspired by it, to then have it fizzle out and entirely lose momentum? If you gave up on the goal completely or fell quite short of it, you’re one hundred percent normal. This happens all the time. I’m a professional goal-setter and even I don’t meet all the goals that I intend to!

So if you’ve ever felt this way, just know it’s normal. Rest assured that you’re in the good company of other goal-setters out there who fell short. But does that mean it’s inevitable? No, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Usually the reason for why the goal fell short can be pinned to a few elements. It’s important to highlight these elements and be aware of them, rather than adopting the ‘hope and pray method’. This is when we attempt to set goals through sheer willpower - it doesn’t work.

An analogy for this is when we go to the gym and we convince ourselves to push through an exercise. It’s just willpower that keeps us there until eventually we can’t. It works, but it’s not sustainable.

Often when we are trying to establish a new habit, most of us tend to try and change everything all at once. The truth is, this is often not the best solution. You don’t actually have to change everything at once. I’ll give you an example: your house is a messy disaster and, although you’ve bought every book on ‘tidying up’, your house is still full of clutter.

Rather than thinking “okay, I’m going to change everything and purge my entire house”, start with just one drawer. Pick that one drawer that bugs you every time you open it and you’ll gain momentum on your goal, rather than becoming completely overwhelmed. Watch how you feel when you have de-cluttered one tiny thing.

And then from there you will build more momentum as you start on the next part of your goal. We are all just a collection of our habits - the good and the bad. Whatever you don’t currently have in your life, is linked to your habits. And likewise, whatever you do have in your life, is linked to your habits. If you have a habit of not keeping the promises you make to yourself, make a pledge that this is the last day that is true.
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