Shift gears to become the curator of your life

What if there was a way to simply shift your focus when you feel it dragging you down and flat-lining you?

Imagine there was a simple way where you could just change your lens of perspective and shift your focus, in order to create a more positive experience for yourself. Imagine that, right? Did you know that you could actually hack your real life and hack the world just by that simple shift in perspective?

Switching out to a different lens to create a different and new positive experience - this is when we become curators of our life.

The first step is becoming aware of this - where am I focusing, and how is it making me feel? Is it moving me in the direction that I want to be moving in?

For me, what I've become more aware of is that I'm a recovering pessimist and, also from being a gymnast, I'm a recovering perfectionist. What I've noticed is being a recovering pessimist and perfectionist wasn't really getting me to where I wanted to go.

So I've really had to shift my focus from a place of lack (or on the things I don't have) and rather to the things that I desire or already have. I've shifted from perfection to progress instead.

I've shifted my focus from the large amount of debt I used to have before network marketing to how I can earn more money. Notice how it's just that simple shift in focus, and when I shifted my focus, it gave me a new perspective, so that I could create and curate a more positive experience.

Often, we hear of a lack mentality, that's where I used to be. I used to focus on all the things I didn't have. But what I've shifted to is an abundance mentality.

Abundance isn't something we acquire. Usually we think abundance is all the stuff that we acquire in life, whether it be love, relationships, the bigger house, the nicer car, right? Although this is often how we think about abundance, I want you to shift your focus and perspective of abundance to something that we tune into. This takes practice. 

The law of abundance is that abundance breeds abundance

Typically, we may have a habit of wanting what someone else has but thinking “Oh, well they have it, that means I can’t have it”. Or, you see somebody who's created something that you're working really hard to create and once they've created it and they've had success, you think, "Oh, well I can't have it because they already got it."

We're in the best industry to practice this love and abundance, because what do we do in network marketing a lot? We celebrate others. We celebrate others' success, because the success of others actually reflects back on our own success.

Apply this law into your network marketing business!

This isn't just celebrating your team, this is also celebrating the people who helped you, the people in your circle and your sphere who are there supporting you. 

Maybe it's a family member, maybe it's another team member. Maybe it's not a team member, but it's about recognising the abundance around you and celebrating it.

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