If you've ever had some resistance to your girlfriends joining you in this business, you aren't alone. Often it's easier to fall into thinking "Oh, they just don't get it. I mean, gosh, they're just stuck in their J-O-B where they will keep on being Just Over Broke. Oh my god. Like seriously, why can't they see what I see?"

What if the thing that stops them from joining us, is us? Maybe it's not their limited vision that is holding them back but instead that we've turned into raving weirdos?

They see us going to events, dancing on chairs, and think, "Oh my god, she's joined a cult". When all we post about on Facebook is our suddenly incredible abs/skin/Tupperware/[insert your product or result here], how amazing our company is, and what #bossbabes all our brand new besties are, is it any wonder?

When overnight, we start showing up in the world as one-dimensional humans who can talk about nothing but our product or service, it's no wonder our friends don't want to join our cult.

Imagine if we could change the way we present our profession to our network so that more people say yes. I don't think company events that resound with false positivity and hype are the way we're going to do this. Endorphins of hope aren't the answer.

Network marketing is a profession that requires the acquisition of a broad range of skills on your way to success. As in any business, you won't be successful unless you are willing to fall on your face - repeatedly. You can't avoid the obstacles and when you fail to acknowledge that they exist you do yourself, your friends and the profession a disservice.

If we want to change how our friends view network marketing and our involvement with it, we must be the ones to go first. The good news is, even if your company or your up-line is part the tired old model described above, you don't have to lead the charge alone.

Come with us! 

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A movement by women for women to elevate network marketing across companies all over the world. We are adding more mission, meaning and mastery to our profession for business and life.

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