Self sacrifice and forgetting your roots

Do you ever find it hard to remember back to how you used to feel? This week’s Reality Check is about keeping in touch with where we came from so we can help others along the same windy path.

Sometimes when we reach our goals we forget to look backward. We forget who we used to be, and how we used to think.This makes is hard for us to empathise with people who may be back where we started.

Martene's beginning in network marketing was completely chaotic because of her huge goals. She chose to sacrifice so much in order to reach for her big vision of changing her world. She wanted to create a different launching pad for her children and secure her family’s future.

She recalls clearly how her life was, and this clarity has propelled her forward to create a life free of the lack she remembers so well. It also helps her bring others along on the same journey. Watch her video to hear her story and feel how real she is.

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