This is really a values piece about respecting money. I can talk personally about this because of the contrast between my own family's attitude to money and my husband's.

I used to find it really strange in the early days of meeting my husband when he'd say "you need to respect money". It wasn't until I transformed my financial blueprint that I understood his point.

My family's attitude to money can be characterised by statements such as "aw, money's nothing", "money's not a big deal", "people who value money are too money-focused, they're not caring people, they're selfish".

 Make no mistake, whatever your attitude to money is, it comes from your family unless you've made a determined effort to change it.
These days I demonstrate my respect for money by valuing every amount, be it $20, $5 or even $1 because the cumulative effect of these smaller amounts of money has a significant long-term impact on my financial goals.

Respecting money requires me to have a clear understanding of my daily habits and how those daily habits impact my end game.

If you have trouble with big goals, financial or otherwise, the answer to why will be revealed by your daily habits. It's such a simple concept that it can boggle the mind.

Because it seems so easy, you should expect that the wheels will fall off your daily habits every now and again - after all, you're only human.

The beautiful thing about daily habits is that tomorrow is a new day and the perfect opportunity to fall in love with your daily habits all over again.

Remember, you are what you do daily.
Do yourself a favour and make respecting money a non-negotiable daily habit.

Respect the energy, focus and drive that went into earning the contents of your bank account.

Respect what that money can do for you and those around you.

Most importantly, recognise the contribution of your daily habits in helping you reach your goals.
Don't just let it fall through your fingers, it's time to start respecting each and every cent. 

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