We are all so different. It sounds so obvious, but it’s worth a deeper conversation.

We have different values, different needs, different wants, different backgrounds, and we have very different hopes and dreams.

We each bring our unique history and life to this industry. That’s what helps it thrive.

Our uniqueness brings the variety and adventure, the colour and the fun!

Working with uniqueness, aka difference, also comes with challenge. But we know that learning and growing sit right at the intersection of discomfort and challenge. So, here we go.

There aren't many professions where we can come as we are, like we can in network marketing. To capitalise on this chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity, we must be ready to accept and embrace diversity.

In short, forming a clique of other people just like you won’t serve your business, or the humans in it.

As the bamboo grows stronger from the pressure of the breeze, and as iron sharpens iron like friends sharpen friends, your team will grow stronger through your differences and frictions.

If only you can see it through.

Linda takes us on a beautiful journey of insight into harnessing that phenomenal energy. See what you think.

And remember, the quality of your business is a reflection of the quality of your relationships. There’s always room for improvement.

You are up to the challenge!


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A movement by women for women to elevate network marketing across companies all over the world. We are adding more mission, meaning and mastery to our profession for business and life.

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