Put these three things together to win

Your focus, language and physiology form a dominant triad that can either help you achieve your dreams or keep you from them. Whatever your goal, being aware of, and taking responsibility for these three things will improve your chances of success.

1) Where is your emotional focus?

When faced with a new challenge, do you search your memory for proof that you can achieve your goal? Do you adopt a positive attitude, feel into the emotion of achievement, or are you filled with doubt any time you feel out of your depth? Whenever you choose to focus on your losses over your wins, you negatively affect your outcome.

2) How do you talk to yourself?

What do your language patterns reinforce? Is it your ability to overcome any obstacle, or is it the fact that you are overwhelmed? Your language is everything. You are not your beliefs or thoughts. You get to choose how you talk to yourself, so what are you saying? If you're talking to yourself in a way that you wouldn't speak to your best friend, it's time to start making a different choice.

3) What is your posture?

Did you know that, according to science, how we hold our bodies has an impact on how powerful we feel? Next time you are feeling defeated, remember something as simple as changing your posture can change your outlook.

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