Politics go down better with champagne

I love this topic, yeah!

Now, you've got to take it from me when I say this, “don't talk about politics on social media!”

This is coming from someone who worked in federal politics for four years! So if anybody has a lot to say on this, it would be me.

But even I stay away from it.

Because, at the end of the day, what I'm here to do is offer the opportunity that we have through our company. The product. The business.

That's how we’re trying to show up. That's the voice that we're trying to have. Please do THAT in an elegant, graceful, professional, fun, and authentic way.

Of course we all have opinions. Have one – the world needs your voice. But please avoid controversial topics on social media that are probably going to offend or upset a lot of people. You can leave that stuff for offline.

The fact is lots of people are going to stop following you if you provoke them in all the wrong ways. And that’s not good for business.

So capture attention in a way that supports your goals.

Avoiding certain topics is not about going quiet.

You can have an authentic, open, beautiful, powerful voice for you, and your network marketing business, without the controversy.

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