Pedaling the stationary bike

Has there ever been a time in your business when you feel like you're giving it all you've got, but you still seem to be getting nowhere? Perhaps it's even worse than that, and you've felt like you're going backwards despite showing up and doing the work day after day. When you start to question if all the effort is worth it, how do you respond?

Working my business is like showing up at a spin class for me. I keep showing up consistently. I'm not smashing it every time, but I go through the motions of the things I know are going to move me towards my goal. I know I'm not moving ahead in that particular moment, but guess what? After a while, I start to notice a difference in my results and how I feel about myself.

Sometimes the most impactful changes are subtle. Network marketing is a business of delayed gratification. It's irrational to expect to see our results immediately. What I know from experience is that every time I flex my action-taking muscles, I feel proud of myself, more confident in my ability to be successful and more willing to be proactive the following day.

Two pieces of advice from a prior mentor of mine have served me well:

1. There will always be a reason NOT to take action, be it a holiday, illness, a lack of motivation or a shortage of time. On these days, do something anyway, even if it is only something small. Inertia is your friend!

2. Stay in your lane. Comparison is the quickest way to sap your excitement about anything in life. You do you and trust that taking the right actions will lead you in the direction of your dreams.

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