Opportunity in times of uncertainty

Definitely, times are changing. Our world is not like it was, and probably never will be. It can be easy to get swept away in the drama, in the fear, in the scarcity, in the uncertainty, but I ask you to consciously choose a different path.

History has shown repeatedly that times of challenge are often a force for creativity and innovation. Some of the greatest inventions arose out of need, scarcity and economic downturn. One of the bright spots for me in this pandemic has been hearing stories of how traditional businesses have adapted and evolved to meet the new business climate.

As network marketers, we are fortunate that our industry typically experiences growth during times of economic hardship, but that does not mean we should not seek to evolve.

So many people in the world are facing changed circumstances. People who would never have looked at your product or opportunity under 'normal' conditions are suddenly willing to reconsider.

Covid-19 has forced upon us all a new normal, whether we like it or not. How can you showcase your business as a fit for this new way of life? Who can you support as they attempt to redesign their life?

The way we do business must change, but you are an innovator! Trust that you will find the creative energy to adapt the way you operate when you look outside the box.

During this time of metamorphosis, there is not just chaos but an opportunity. The beautiful thing about our industry in that when you seize upon the opportunity to make a positive difference in someone else's life, the financial rewards flow.

Look for the positives right now. Who knows, in 10 years you may look back and see this era as the time that didn't break you but made you.

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