Not selling products; solving problems

One of the fundamentals that many people miss in marketing is that you can't sell anything until you know what people want to buy.

Often brands have clarity on what they want to say about the features of their product, but they fail to address the impact the purchase is going to have on someone's life.

Until you understand who your audience is, what they need, and the benefit they will gain from using your product, you should say nothing.
Great marketing is not manipulative.

When you have a product that genuinely helps people, your marketing should act as a filter to help you reach those who are desperately seeking a solution to their problems.

This means your message should actively repel those who aren't your target demographic.
Distill your message until it resonates only with your intended audience.

When your customers comprise a group who have been searching for the benefits you provide, you are more likely to create raving fans who will drive word of mouth and brand equity.

And that is exactly where you want to be!

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