Never diminish your flavour

From the outside, it may seem to my friends that network marketing has changed me, but they have it backwards.

Once I realised that building a successful network marketing business would require me to grow myself, I threw myself into the uncomfortable process that would help me become the person I needed to be to reach my goals.

When I discovered network marketing more than four years ago, I was a property developer operating in a male-dominated world. I was hard by necessity and radiated masculine energy. I'd learned never to show weakness or vulnerability unless I wanted it to be exploited.

My mask of invulnerability did not serve me well as a network marketer. It's hard to convey an attitude of 'if I can, you can too' to your team members when you hide your flaws, missteps and failures.

To find success in this business, I had to learn who I was, own it and be willing to share it, warts and all. Network marketing is not a sprint, and there's not a single point of success, either. This is a long game!

Often we attach so much significance to our company's rank-advance scheme without stopping to ask ourselves, 'Who am I becoming?' and, "Where do I actually want to be?".

We rise and fall based on today's results, forgetting that each time we take the actions needed to build our business, we win. We win because we grow our resilience, fortitude and skill - things that help us reach into our ever-expanding potential.

Personal growth didn't come easily or quickly. It was messy and filled with struggle, but it has also been one of the parts of this journey that I value most. I'm more comfortable in my skin these days, and that feeling is priceless.

The journey never stops.

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