Does the thought of recruit, recruit, recruit make you shudder?

Oh yep, I hear you. I wonder though… what if you could reframe that? Is the thought of helping another person achieve THEIR goals more palatable? Our job is to inspire, and help people see possibility, but we really can’t do the work for them.

When we do the work to become the best version of ourselves, we can inspire our team members to follow our example.  Leaders go first. So, if we want to help our team members transform how they're currently living into their ultimate, masterpiece life, then we have to be the example of that.

What makes me want to continue growing me and my business is bringing new people on board. Seeing their problems solved is incredibly rewarding and every single time it makes me remember why I do what I do.

This creates a shift because I focus on serving again — the most important thing for growth in my business – is service.

Linda explains it so beautifully here:



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