The Meridian Method™

Unlocking powerful personal values to leave exquisite global footprints
Why This?


Eighty percent of network marketers are women and many are frustrated by barriers to succeeding in this fast-growing U$184 billion industry. We’re committed to improving the image and reputation of network marketing, by lifting it above the line and breaking down the barriers to success one woman at a time. That’s why we’re building this cross-industry platform with a heart and social compass you can embrace.

Why Us?


Rise with a collective of successful field and corporate network marketing women, social and business innovators, and progressive coaches, and content creators. Get inspired by being with women who want to create big change, build solid incomes, and give back. Together we can be the alternative to the fake hype and roll out a global movement that elevates our industry. Come with us if you’re looking for fun in finding outrageously satisfying success.

Why Now?


Women are changing the world and it’s your turn. Network marketing is more than a side hustle, it’s a way to safely build a scalable income while you work at home, or anywhere really. We know you want to move past the barriers so many of us have felt in trying to make it work. That’s why we’re gathering high-performing network marketers, global business leaders, finance gurus and mindset mentors to show you how to master every single moment in a way that feels goods to you.

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