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When I used to perform on stage, I used to wonder if I looked good, or if I looked stupid, or if I was doing something out of line. I would always ask my husband for validation as to whether I looked okay or performed great.He always responded with, “Wendy, you look best when you’re just...
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Make your commitments and your boundaries count. Especially during the holidays, I find that the amount of invitations I receive increase. There’s so many opportunities to exchange gifts, meet for dinner, and attend a party.These are often beautiful opportunities but I end up over-committing and saying yes to things that deplete me. If you want to...
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Most business owners, not just those in network marketing, have a plan when they start their businesses. This is great, but they often get stuck in the daily outputs of executing this plan. Very rarely do they stop and think, “what do I want this business to give me?”.A business is supposed to give you what...
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I remember the day my husband and I both resigned and how our family reacted. They didn’t take it well and tried to intervene. Sure, we had great salaries and benefits but we were never home with our child. We were paying someone else to be his mother ... a nanny.I always thought perhaps we were...
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Imagine a shoebox, that holds 100 marbles. Eighty of them are white and twenty are purple. In network marketing, when you find someone who is a purple marble, this is the person who is going to show up. They’re excited, they’re teachable, they’ve got a big vision and they know how to get to work. They’re...
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