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Are there limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being where you want to be? Who do you need to become to achieve what it is that you want to achieve? Realise that, right now, you have an incredible answer and solution to these questions - for yourself and for others.I’m referring to a solution...
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Recruitment and retention are the two most important components of a network marketing business. Firstly, you have to find people and when you find them, you want to retain them. It takes a lot less effort to retain people than to keep churning and burning. One thing I always ask is, “What do you want? What...
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Have you ever set a big goal and felt completely inspired by it, to then have it fizzle out and entirely lose momentum? If you gave up on the goal completely or fell quite short of it, you’re one hundred percent normal. This happens all the time. I’m a professional goal-setter and even I don’t meet...
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In network marketing, there's no educational, financial or industry experience required to get started. This is an amazing part of this business model, but it can also be the part that regularly sees us running into sticky situations.We don’t have people who have gone before us and completed a training system complete with regulations. This can...
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What if there was a way to simply shift your focus when you feel it dragging you down and flat-lining you?Imagine there was a simple way where you could just change your lens of perspective and shift your focus, in order to create a more positive experience for yourself. Imagine that, right? Did you know that...
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