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You’re a professional, right? You know “stuff”, pride yourself on your expertise and for your ability to contribute valuable opinions and insights. You’re in the business of contributing your expertise to make a difference in the lives of your customers. So why aren’t your results reflecting the difference you make? In a word – relevance! Excluding...
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The path to greatness is along with others ~ Baltasar Gracian
Like almost everything in life I believe that there are two sides to your happiness and success. First, you have to want to do it – you know, hit the goal, drop the kg's, save money to get on a holiday, do the detox or be more positive. And secondly, you have to work hard to...
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In the movie ‘Collateral Beauty’, Howard (Will Smith) asks the question of his team – ‘what is your WHY?’ He refers to the reason that each of us as an individual gets up in the morning; the reason we do the things we do; the reason we make the choices we make; and ultimately, the reason...
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We are delighted to launch the Redefining Network Marketing website. Redefining Network Marketing is a movement by women for women, to elevate networking marketing across companies all over the world. We are adding more mission, meaning and mastery to our profession for business and life. Let us know what you think to the website. We'd love...
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