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You’ve heard of driftwood, right? It’s those pieces of wood that wash up on to the beach. In our everyday life, there’s driftwoods washing up all around us that act as little reminders.Your awareness of these reminders is something that must be cultivated. Once you start to cultivate it, you’re going to start noticing little signs...
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To me, social media should be a magnifying glass of who you truly are.If only it was the truth of who you truly are but often, it’s not. We post all the best segments of our lives on our social media page but what I think is truly important is to be honest. I always tell...
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Remember, you’re not growing an orphanage, you’re growing a business.Some people want to be orphans. They want you to be their mother and for you to hold their hand. You’re not here for that. All they want is a little bit of love and connection, they don’t actually want to change their business so stop coaching...
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The greatest lesson is understanding that you are the only variable in your network marketing business. You’ve already got world-class products, regardless of what company you’re in. You’ve also got a world-class compensation plan and world-class leadership. This is most likely what attracted you to your company.You are the variable. It comes down to you drawing...
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Everyone is on their journey. Everyone started their business from a different place in their life and, therefore, each person has different goals and life circumstances. I was once invited to hike a mountain with a friend.I was given five minutes to get ready, so I could’ve easily declined the offer and panicked. Instead, but I...
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