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Recently I've fallen in love with a concept I'm calling "enoughness". Let me tell you about it.When the pandemic became not just a thing but THE thing, I found myself on a rollercoaster...Week 1 was all about the fear and uncertainty that accompanied the 'new normal' we were told had arrived. Would I be okay? Would...
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I'm about to take you through the basics of contracts. Don't hit delete until you've read this because it's more important to your business and your income than you may think.Contracts exist to protect both parties in an exchange. They exist in every aspect of life, but when we call these agreements out as contracts, we...
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This is really a values piece about respecting money. I can talk personally about this because of the contrast between my own family's attitude to money and my husband's.I used to find it really strange in the early days of meeting my husband when he'd say "you need to respect money". It wasn't until I transformed...
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Most women I know who are building a network marketing business have incorporated a social media strategy as one of their lead sources. In a world where technology is becoming an integral part of the way we live, if you aren't taking advantage of this medium, you are leaving money on the table.One of the most...
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The pandemic we are facing presents choices and decisions. What do you see in your network marketing business?Is it the potential to increase profits while people are feeling desperate by misrepresenting your product benefits and earning levels, or is it to deepen your relationships and throw yourself into service? The choice you make will define your...
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