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I’m sure you’ve heard, “if you do your passion, you won't have to worry about money."Whilst part of this may be true, there are a lot of other skills you need. Yes, you can love what you do, but unless you know how to market and sell, it's not going to happen for you.So that's where...
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Sales is not a dirty word. People can only experience your products and services if they buy them. So you have to be okay to ask for the sale and have that happen. A lot of people struggle with this which is why their sales conversion rates aren’t great. Have a look at where you feel the...
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When you meet someone new, a great technique to help build rapport is mirroring body language. When I was working as a uniformed police officer and interrogating suspects, mirroring techniques prompted the suspects to share more information. Go out and observe others’ behaviours. When you witness this technique, you’ll know that rapport is being built. You can engage...
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Hands up if you’ve ever felt gross within your own body and wanted to lose weight? Your answer to this question may cause tension in your body, and this should be referred to as negative tension. I had a great coach who once told me that I can be an extremely positive person, but I can also...
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There’s a great poem named ‘Autobiography in 5 Short Chapters’ by Portia Nelson. Everyone should have this available to them any time they find themselves making the same mistakes or doing the same thing over and over. It speaks to how some days we get totally sucked into our own story and self-sabotage. And others, we...
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