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Have you ever noticed that when you're looking to buy a new car, and have decided on which model you want, all of a sudden you start seeing the vehicle of your choice everywhere? That's not a coincidence.Our brains are miraculous machines. Whatever thoughts we choose to think, no matter where we put our focus, our...
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If you've ever had some resistance to your girlfriends joining you in this business, you aren't alone. Often it's easier to fall into thinking "Oh, they just don't get it. I mean, gosh, they're just stuck in their J-O-B where they will keep on being Just Over Broke. Oh my god. Like seriously, why can't they...
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Let’s be honest, we all judge instantly. It’s a protective mechanism that we’ve established.There are things that tell your brain, without you even realising it, to be more aware of your surroundings and judge someone as a friend or a foe. This also happens in sales. People will judge you immediately. Our brains will make this decision...
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There doesn't have to be a loser. I can be successful and you can, too. I can be successful and they can, too.My husband is a coach - this is his passion. He’s currently coaching my daughter’s volleyball team and they just had tryouts where he had to make cuts to the team. Through this process he...
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If you’ve ever completed any personal growth work, you may be missing the point at which the story lies. Our tendency is to not admit the real, insidious beliefs that are rolling around in us. You may believe that you are unworthy, lazy or perhaps you project these beliefs onto others and believe that they’re mean or...
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