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Imagine a shoebox, that holds 100 marbles. Eighty of them are white and twenty are purple. In network marketing, when you find someone who is a purple marble, this is the person who is going to show up. They’re excited, they’re teachable, they’ve got a big vision and they know how to get to work. They’re...
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In my opinion, there’s only ever two reasons that we don’t take action in life.Reason number one - perhaps the items on your list are things that you don’t care enough about. Sometimes we add goals or items to our list out of obligation, because we feel as if we should, even though it’s not something...
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One of the most common questions I get asked is around how I spend my day. Each task that I do in my business is based around fundamentals, but it all comes back to connecting. By connecting, I mean offering my product or service - an opportunity or a solution, whichever way you want to put it....
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I’ve always been surrounded by people from different backgrounds and now I have friends that are super successful. To me, success doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with money; these people are happy. They’re contributing to the world and they’re living a life of alignment. When I’m around these people, they cheer me on as they...
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I never wake up with the intention of entering comparison mode. It just doesn’t happen that way! If I could predict it, then perhaps I could manage it better - but it always creeps up on me. One small interaction can plant a detrimental seed. It could be a Facebook post, a comment or something else...
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