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Have you isolated your particular gift that the world is waiting for yet? I believe that each one of us is on this earth for a higher purpose and that when we're fulfilling that purpose, we feel our most alive and excited by life. Once you have the time and money freedom to embark upon your...
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Has there ever been a time in your business when you feel like you're giving it all you've got, but you still seem to be getting nowhere? Perhaps it's even worse than that, and you've felt like you're going backwards despite showing up and doing the work day after day. When you start to question if...
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I'm a language girl, and I don't like the language 'customer avatar'. To me, she's my best friend. I say "she" because I don't enroll men. I'm very clear about who I'm speaking to, and about who I want to attract into my business. I want to help you get clear on your messaging by being...
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Your focus, language and physiology form a dominant triad that can either help you achieve your dreams or keep you from them. Whatever your goal, being aware of, and taking responsibility for these three things will improve your chances of success.1) Where is your emotional focus?When faced with a new challenge, do you search your memory...
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The other 'F Word' is a pet hate of mine. So often, when people ask "How's it going? How are you doing?" women (in particular) say, "Fine, good." Since when did 'fine' become our aspiration? That's not what our life dream was when we laid around in our childhoods, and were like, "Oh, I hope I...
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