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In network marketing, there's no educational, financial or industry experience required to get started. This is an amazing part of this business model, but it can also be the part that regularly sees us running into sticky situations.We don’t have people who have gone before us and completed a training system complete with regulations. This can...
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What if there was a way to simply shift your focus when you feel it dragging you down and flat-lining you?Imagine there was a simple way where you could just change your lens of perspective and shift your focus, in order to create a more positive experience for yourself. Imagine that, right? Did you know that...
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There are four fundamentals to network marketing that have not changed across any business, product or service. The number one fundamental is connecting; actually initiating connections and building relationships with people.Number two is offering your product or service by directly or indirectly showcasing all of your potential solutions to your customers.Number three is following up. It’s...
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When I started out, we didn't know how to build a network marketing business, all we knew was that we had to show up.We didn’t know what to expect, there were doubts and stories circling through our head constantly. We even questioned whether the first event we attended would be worth it - what would the...
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Commit to your rituals.Now I know that you may have to wear lots of hats in life. You may have your family that you have to attend to, but these are not rituals for other people. These are just rituals for yourself.I like to have rituals that you complete first thing in the morning so that...
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