Make magic by turning your rituals into daily habits

Commit to your rituals.

Now I know that you may have to wear lots of hats in life. You may have your family that you have to attend to, but these are not rituals for other people. These are just rituals for yourself.

I like to have rituals that you complete first thing in the morning so that you fill up your cup as soon as your start your day. I get it, maybe this doesn’t work for you. Maybe your family hits the ground running at 6:00 AM and there is no ‘me-time’, unless you get up at 5:00 AM which then feels like you’re not getting enough sleep. I get it! 

So I'm not telling you when you have to do these rituals, only that if you do them every day, it'll make a difference.

What are the rituals that ground you? Make sure that you’re looking for specifically grounding and restoring rituals that make you feel good and fill up that cup of yours. They can be gratitude rituals, they can be walking rituals, they could be praying rituals, they could be journaling rituals, they could be doing nothing rituals.

This one time I led a workshop and I said, “we're all going to do yoga to kick off the day”. The people who loved yoga we’re excited at this idea as they rolled out their mats and got ready to embrace some familiar yoga poses.

The other half of the attendees that weren’t yogi types, were dreading it and worrying about it as they had fear that they couldn’t do yoga. 

Initially they rolled out their mats angrily, until I told everyone to lay down in a position called Shavasana. 

When everyone realized that this was the only pose they were going to be doing, the whole energy of the workshop flipped.All of a sudden, all of the people who were initially excited about doing yoga, became angry and the people who didn’t want to do yoga at all, we’re so grateful for the beautiful exercise.

At the end of the day, everybody actually got quite irritated because I left them there for 20 minutes, doing absolutely nothing. I don’t know about you, but I’m often not too great at doing nothing. This is your invitation to ask yourself “when’s the last time I did nothing?”. No stimulation, no phone, no TV, no Netflix, no laundry ... just nothing. 

One of my favorite rituals is going for a walk outside. This is where I feel restored - especially when I’m feeling busy and a little crazy. What rituals restore you?


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