Love on your products … with facts

One of the things we most commonly hear as a key to success in network marketing is be a product of the product.

Love the product. Use every product in your catalog so you can authentically talk about it and recommend it to someone else. That's fantastic. I love that.

What I don't love is when I see people making radical product claims.

Now, there are rules and regulations that affect our industry and affect the longevity of your company. It's your job to understand what you can legally say about your products and the effects that they can have on people.

It can be confusing because you may be with a skin care company. So, your psoriasis may have gotten better. It may have cleared up completely since you started using the skin care range of your company. But you can't really claim that because psoriasis is a medical condition. We can't make claims about medical conditions.

What we need to talk about when we talk about our product results is what is probable, not what is possible, and particularly in relation to medical conditions. We cannot promise that we prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

Now, I used to think that this was a downfall because the products in my company, they're pretty fantastic. I wanted to be able to go and say some of the stories that I know to be true but, legally, I can't.

And then someone explained to me that if our products were licensed to treat medical conditions, we wouldn't be able to sell them. It would only be people like doctors and pharmacists that could go out and do that.

It doesn't even matter whether you can substantiate these claims, or not. There are certain things we can say and certain things we can't say.

Your responsibility as a business owner is to understand the things that you can't say about your product, even if it's been true in your experience within your company. That's what protects your company.

If there are people in your company that are out there making claims about the products that are not authorised by the regulatory authorities, your company can be shut down and there goes your income and there goes the opportunity to change the lives of many, many other people through the proper use and recommendation of your product.

So, use your products, love your products, be raving fans of your products, but make sure you are only making claims about your products that you are legally allowed to make.



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