A love story in learning and the level up

“I know that!” … is one of the most dangerous phrases we can say or think. It’s a red-hot signal for a closed mind.

The moment we stop learning is the moment we stop growing. And growing is the epicentre of winning at network marketing.

On the flip side, it's no good filling up your head with facts that are useless in practice. Save that for Trivial Pursuit on quiz night.

If you’re addicted to learning and struggle with doing, today’s reality check is going to hit your sweet spot.

Because knowledge is only power if it’s put to worthy work.

So, yes, find a way to deep dive into some fresh perspectives each day – from a book, a podcast, or a blog. Take a weekend away for a conference or intensive learning immersion every now and then. Do set aside time to fill up your learning cup, time that is focused, and sacred. Time just for you.

Then take what you learn and put it right to work. Because learning and doing are THE dynamic duo.

Let the information flow in, transmute its energy into action and, over time, your knowledge and experience will build and build. It’s a simple formula that takes practice. But as soon as you stop one side of that equation you’ll  lose balance.

To stay in sync, consider finding a group of like minded learners, and get coaching and mentoring to help you drive effort. There’s no downside!

Your environment is the single biggest factor in propelling learning in action. Choose a place that helps you level up.

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