Look long-term before you leap

I remember the day my husband and I both resigned and how our family reacted. They didn’t take it well and tried to intervene. Sure, we had great salaries and benefits but we were never home with our child. We were paying someone else to be his mother ... a nanny.

I always thought perhaps we were only gifted one child because we weren’t seen as capable of more than that. So we stopped and thought, well maybe we should contribute more effort and time to his life. It wasn’t easy walking away from our careers, we didn’t take it lightly. But we did it because we desired a certain lifestyle for our family, and network marketing allowed us to do that. 

We’ve never encouraged anyone to just leave their job without knowing that their income is safe and sustainable, we certainly didn’t do that. There are always highs and lows but ensure you’re comfortable before you make any big changes.

We’ve always encouraged people not to stay where they are. Do what makes you happy, sure. But be realistic and forecast and have a good understanding of your financial situation, before you start making big leaps. Just because you’ve seen somebody else do that, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right decision for you in this moment. 

Leap, for sure. But look before you leap!


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