You know that judgey feeling? The one you get when someone thinks they have you pegged … but they don’t really know you at all. In this reality check, we’re going to gently press on that raw nerve.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been judged, and we’ve all judged others. Yeah we have. And let’s admit that it doesn’t feel good to be judged and, in truth, it doesn’t feel good to be the judge either.

That’s why our inner Judge Judy needs to go right back to court where she belongs. Let’s stick her on a unicorn and send her back.

Because there’s another way.

What if you could learn a new way? A new way of thinking. A new way to work with people whose values are different to yours …

No vibe? No worries.

You want a little more rub free, friction free and stress free?

So do we.

Anna gets it. Watch here and learn what she does to rise.

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