Network marketing can be a rollercoaster of emotion, especially when the people who matter the most to you say no. It can feel really hurtful. Our Reality Check this week is here to help you through that.

Not everyone understands network marketing like you do … they don't get it (yet, or maybe ever!).

Martene did everything that was expected of her. She went to Uni, worked her way up the nursing ladder for the next 9 years finally achieving the role of the nursing manager.

However, the reality of night shifts, not much flexibility or freedom, and a pay packet that left her and her family living from week to week, left her feeling robbed.

When she missed her son's first birthday in the juggle of work and study, she realised it was time for a move out of traditional employment.

It took Martene  six months of using a network marketing product before she chose to invest and go all in.

Many people in your network aren’t ready to build, but you need to love them where they’re at and keep casting the vision. Some people take years to “get it”, some never will… and that is OK.

If you want to create success in network marketing (or anything in life) you’ll need to learn not to take things personally. That’s how we really change the world – our mission has to be more important than what other people think.

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