It doesn’t have to be all about me!

I think it's really important that we don't allow ego to get in the way.

We all have times where ego can service us … sometimes. It can help us with courage. It can help us move forward. It can help us make braver steps.

When it takes over, it can be very unattractive.

In fact, it's repulsive.

When we’re too much in our ego we become less relatable. We become less heart-driven, less mission-driven, less about connection and service. This is what's the most unattractive.

So at every turn that we're in ego, we're losing out. There are parts of our business, the people, who are fleeing away from us.

I kind of cringe remembering back to when I certainly had moments of ego going, oh my goodness, at that time that I thought it was all about me.

There was a lot of suffering in that, too. If you think about it, there's a lot of control, and there's a lot of irritation in that as well.

So when we're in ego, as quickly as we can, we want to get out of our head, out of thinking it’s all about us and get back to gratitude and really understanding that we're part of a much bigger mission.

Collaboration is key.




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