Is your Network Marketing built on these four fundamentals?

There are four fundamentals to network marketing that have not changed across any business, product or service. The number one fundamental is connecting; actually initiating connections and building relationships with people.

Number two is offering your product or service by directly or indirectly showcasing all of your potential solutions to your customers.

Number three is following up. It’s important to follow people up that you have made an offer to in the past and it’s equally as important to stay in touch with these people to nurture the relationships.

Number four is events. When you bring a community together with the same belief system and you share inspiring stories and the tools that are available for them to achieve their dreams - you show people what is possible for them. Events are such a critical element of our business.

So, those are the four fundamentals that have not changed in 150 years of the network marketing industry or profession. What changes is our tactics and the way that we go about utilising each of those fundamentals.

 When I started in network marketing five years ago, social media was not my tactic or the way that I connected with people. Instead, I was texting and calling people rather than using Facebook messenger or posting on my social media profiles.

The critical piece in this message is that it’s the way that each of us use these four fundamentals that’s important. Some people have a large network so their tactic may be reinitiating their existing connections. For others, they may have to join networking groups and find people that have the same values and interests. It’s the tactics that change, not the fundamentals.

What I love most about this conversation is how we can teach this to others. Teaching these fundamentals to our team members is duplicatable but it’s understanding and outlining the tactics that feel really good and unique to each individual that is so powerful. 

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