Is the comparison game getting you down?

Imagine you wanted to stop playing the comparison game. This week’s Reality Check is a real treat and talks about how to take charge.

Does an hour in the FB scroll hole vibe you up, or leave you feeling a bit defeated? Do you go to events and feel excited for possibility, but then wonder what’s wrong with you and what you aren’t doing right? Why can’t you just get this thing sorted? Oh yep. We see you. Playing the old comparison game hey? We've been there, and we know how much this one thing can take you out of the game.

They say “comparison is the thief of all joy”, but Anna says the comparison game is “the death of a network marketer.“

Are you thinking how easy some others are making it look? Or, are you looking sideways? Are you worrying about how fast others are overtaking you? Are you comparing your daily dullness to others’ highlight reels?

Nobody has your unique story!  And you don't know other people’s stories. There’s a saying that goes, “you only see the glory … you don’t know the story”.

Anna knows first-hand that the real game is to find your own pace and do it your own way. Her advice and energy is just a little infectious. Enjoy watching this message she created for you.

Now breathe out! It’s time for you to start telling your story, your way.

You’re amazing and you’re already enough.

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