Is selling a quick fix hurting your NM business?

We need to lose the idea that it’s so easy to earn ‘rockstar’ money in network marketing because I don’t think this helps us to attract the people that we actually want in our business.

We want people who are okay with hard work. We want people who will persevere if they're not an overnight success. We want people who are not going to just give up and quit.

We want people who have a vested interest in elevating, not only their own world, but are interested in elevating the people around them. Helping these people truly understand how to master the mundane is a crucial part of not only network marketing, but any career or business endeavor.

When I worked in the drug unit you would think working undercover, dealing with drug dealers, bikers and criminals, would be like a movie scene, but that's only two percent of it.

The other ninety-eight percent is hanging out at the same bar with the same people, listening to the same stories, doing the same thing over and over and over again. It's mundane. It’s about practicing the law.

You get that one interesting thing that happens, but ninety percent of the time, you're researching cases and putting briefs together. You’re reading and highlighting and the same goes for network marketing. A small percentage of it is the fun stuff and the other part is hard work!

We're so terrified to tell people that there's some work involved in this business, that we end up attracting people who don't want to work at all - and then we wonder why our business doesn't grow. Color in the lines, connect the dots, it's all there.

If you're telling people that they don't have to do anything except talk to a few people each week or, put up a post on their social media channels that they copied from somebody else, in order to build their business, they won’t be successful and neither will you.

There are unicorns in every company who have great success by really doing not a lot. They get lucky sometimes and that's wonderful, but there's also professional sports players and movie stars and musicians in that category. They are rare. But for most of us; we have to do the work.

Network marketing is much easier than any other career - that's for sure because, you get to pick the people you work with. You get to have fun with your work, you can work from many different places and, depending on what company you’re with, you have the possibility of global expansion.

No matter where you are, no matter how much money you make, just take that out of the equation. Remind yourself that you're making a difference because personal growth is a huge part of this journey.

Working as a team is a huge part. Being part of a community is a huge part. So, what a gift to give to our community and to our kids. You can never put a price on that. I think sharing more of this journey will bring more people to us ... not the handbags with the expensive price tag.

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