No matter what kind of business you are in, one thing that remains true is that there is always a product. Even if you are in a service industry, that can still be "productised" so it's easier for the consumer to understand and digest.

How are you communicating your product to the masses?

Hopefully, you aren't focused solely on messaging but are building a community around your product, and if you are in network marketing, you shouldn't stop there.

In network marketing, the human being retailing the goods or services is also a product of the business, and that is a huge advantage that many of you aren't maximising.

Over the last five years, Fortune 500 companies have spent millions of dollars attempting to humanise their brands, yet they continue to struggle. The old game of hiding behind corporate structures and logos doesn't fly any more.

The world is changing, and the more disconnected we become, the more consumers want to buy from a person rather than a corporation.

As a network marketer, your advantage is that you already have a face for your brand - it's YOU.

Your values and personality will help you differentiate yourself in an environment where many people are selling the same product for the same price.

When your marketing strategies allow potential customers to grow to know, like and trust you as a person, not only will you build your personal brand, but you'll also have tapped into a vital ingredient for growing your business.

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